ECERDC’s High-Impact Projects Transform Kelantan’s Socio-Economic Growth

KUALA LUMPUR, June 19 – The Federal Government, via East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC) and the Kelantan State Government’s holistic transformation strategies, have successfully attracted RM12.7 billion in private investments between 2007 and May 2017.

In a statement today, ECERDC said, these high-impact projects, supported by investment promotions as well as inclusive human capital development programmes, had generated over 13,880 new jobs and elevated the livelihoods of over 25,000 people, especially those under the bottom 40 group.

It said Bumiputera entrepreneurs were among key enablers to Kelantan’s socio-economic growth and to-date, 48 projects by Bumiputera companies had received incentives from either ECER Incentive Package or Facilitation Fund under TERAJU@ECER or both, garnering investments worth RM4.59 billion which in turn helped create 5,980 jobs.

“Between 2012 to May 2017, TERAJU@ECER has approved facilitation funds amounting to RM85.6 million to 37 recipients in the state, involving investments of up to RM711.7 million which was in line with the Federal Government’s Bumiputera Empowerment Agenda ,” said ECERDC.

Its Chief Executive Office, Datuk Seri Jebasingam Issace John, said the Federal Government’s transformation agenda in Kelantan was essentially focused on driving high-impact projects and investments to spur the socio-economic growth in the state through the creation of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

“ECERDC will continue to ensure that effective mechanisms are put in place to empower local entrepreneurs to be core enablers of the socio-economic transformation in Kelantan,” he said.

ECERDC said among completed growth catalysts projects for Kelantan were the Pasir Mas Halal Park, the Tok Bali Integrated Fisheries Park as well as the Collection, Processing and Packaging Centre in Pengkalan Kubor.

In the pipeline ECERDC said, it planned to preserve and promote local village tradition by developing Kampung Laut as “Kampung Warisan” to boost socio-economic activities in the village by offering entrepreneurial opportunities in promoting local delicacies and handicrafts.

Another key project, it said was Plaza IMT-GT in Bukit Bunga, which was strategically located along the border area of Rantau Panjang-Sungai Golok and Pengkalan Kubor-Tak Bai, and expected to boost economic activities in the region by providing a more conducive and strategic commercial centre for local entrepreneurs to promote and market their products, it said.

ECERDC said development in Kelantan was also set to intensify with the construction of the East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) project whereby more growth centres would be created and would boost the state’s economy, generating more employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the local communities.

On the human capital development front, ECERDC’s empower ECER and entrepreneur ECER programmes have created over 4,100 micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and together with the Agropolitan project have provided close to 8,250 job opportunities for the people, it said.

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