UMNO: Seven Decades Developing The Nation-State

The establishment of UMNO on 11 May 1946 by Dato ‘Onn bin Jaafar as the first leader can be said to avoid the Malays in Malaya from sinking under the political and economic development which was so strong. No doubt the policy through government and UMNO the Malays are successful, but there were many Malays out there who are still struggling and dropped out of the competition. UMNO has no choice but to create excitement among the Malays for their competitiveness and can be done through a special program aimed at determine the level of competition, thereby ensuring their survival in a world of fairly complex. Undoubtedly, only UMNO fight for the survival of the Malays in this country. With the government’s position as the core of the party, UMNO has advantages and freedom that no other party have the privileges. UMNO has never deviated from its original struggle, just different approaches and methods to suit the present leadership. UMNO still fighting for the interests and future of the Malays and at the same time uphold Islamic law firm. UMNO still moving on the track of democracy and put the interests of the Malays as the original inception over 71 years ago. UMNO establishment about 71 years ago by its predecessor was on the basis of the sacred struggle to defend the sovereignty of religion, race and nation.

UMNO is not the same with other political parties as the basis of UMNO’s struggle is to liberate the country from colonial rule and allow the country and the people free to determine their own future without external restraints. The fact that should not be questioned because UMNO’s strength comes from a pure struggle and always maintain good relations between the people and based on mutual respect for each other. UMNO leaders believed by the people that they will bring prosperity and the sustainable development of the country in spite of challenges. UMNO’s agenda helps people in various assistance, subsidies, provision for the Malays. All policies and programs have been implemented effectively include helping low-income households (B40) and middle (M40). UMNO continue to strive to improve the economic status of the Malays and Bumiputera to provide opportunities for education, training and scholarships and keep struggling to provide economic opportunities and jobs for children of the Malays and Bumiputeras. UMNO have political commitment to help the Malays and Bumiputeras to compete in the global economy and to ensure that government-linked companies assisting Bumiputera companies. UMNO continue to defend economic status of the Malays and Bumiputeras until Bumiputera poverty rate decreased and at the same period the average gross monthly household income increased.

The government focusing on efforts to enhance Bumiputera equity ownership in the corporate sector, strengthening Bumiputera ownership of non-financial assets, intensify Bumiputera entrepreneurship and business and strengthen the ecosystem service delivery to help the Bumiputeras. Other than that UMNO strive to empower Bumiputera economic as a major agenda that aims to increase the Bumiputera economy in various fields. In addition to continuing efforts to eradicate poverty in rural areas and urban welfare programs focusing on improving the quality of life of Bumiputera because they are squeezed by the increase of living cost. UMNO seeing the economic status and well-being of the Malays and Bumiputeras not only measured in terms of increased numbers of equity ownership and GDP per capital but in their daily lives. Government have provided complete plan on how to assist Bumiputera companies and there are opportunities that can be seized by Bumiputera companies. Bumiputera children have the opportunity to participate in various skills enhancement training provided by the government to meet the requirements of the market and a high income. UMNO continue to meet the demands of the welfare and well-being of the Malays and Bumiputera, either in town or in the countryside. In order to improve the welfare of the Bumiputera community in the city there is many strategy for affordable housing scheme implemented in addition to introducing affordable rent scheme. To overcome the rising cost of living, more income-generating programs has been implemented, especially in rural areas. The government have expand agro-based industries with various forms of support and assistance such as loans and training, empowering small and medium industries, as well as helping small businesses, farmers and fishermen. UMNO also providing agencies that giving funds, facilitate the provision of financing to entrepreneurs and qualified Bumiputera.
UMNO will not ignore the economic interests of the Malays and Bumiputeras. UMNO will continue to support this great task while UMNO exists and has the support of the people. All of this is proof of their commitment to continue to defend the Malays and Bumiputera. UMNO as the biggest party of the Malays will continue the agenda of strengthening the Malay and Bumiputera without fear. Thus, the main task is to ensure that UMNO always maintain solidarity. UMNO door is always wide open to embrace unity and cooperation with all organizations Islam. As the largest party of the Malays, UMNO does not have to compromise in terms of religion merely to gain popularity and political power. In every battleground of UMNO election, Wanita plays an important role and faithful in the front row and took the party message to the voters as Wanita UMNO’s
struggle is the torchbearer. So in the context of the party, in spite of the success behind it there is Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri UMNO movement as the heir.

UMNO-led government successfully established many national religious secondary schools across the country. There are so many doctors which is pious, moral born engineer who started school this school. People who work with the foundation of religion will surely be outstanding employees.UMNO is the backbone of the government continue to ensure young people of Malaysia will have a comfortable life, a peaceful, prosperous and affluent. The struggle undertaken by UMNO in improving the living standards of the Malays to continue succeed together with other nations that have long been far ahead especially involving economics. Obviously after for 71 years UMNO has making impacts such as increasing people’s living standards, people living in complete infrastructure, provide education, jobs, peace, harmony, dignity of the country to a higher level and a success life. UMNO is a political party that supports the ideals of the struggle of Malay nationalism in order to maintain the honor and dignity of the nation, religion and country.

UMNO has proven its ability as a political party that is not only capable of uniting the Malays but also led the state government. For that, we need to continue the struggle of our predecessors to become the champion of the people. UMNO and friends of Barisan Nasional component must ensure that today’s citizens of Malaysia is better than yesterday and tomorrow will bring something better for our children. The future of UMNO depends on the image generation inside Pemuda and Puteri today. If the Pemuda and Puteri are condensed their fighting power, great thoughts, strong faith, strong Malay identity and noble character, the torch of UMNO goes on, and people will continue to trust this sacred party. Lastly but not least, there are no meaning of becoming a developed nation if the Malays and Bumiputeras are not getting a fair and equitable share of the national economy.

Penulis, Nur Ainna Shakinah Abas, 24, pelajar tahun akhir Ijazah Kejuruteraan Elektrik, UiTM merupakan pemenang ketiga Pertandingan Esei (Kategori Bahasa Inggeris) Sempena Sambutan Hari UMNO Ke-71

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