People Should Be Appreciative Of Peace, Prosperity – Deputy Minister

KUDAT, Aug 5 – Defence deputy minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri said the people in the state should be appreciative of the peace and prosperity in the country and not squander such blessings with undesirable acts that could threaten security.

He said the unrest in some Islamic countries such as Syria and Eygpt should serve as a reminder on the importance of diplomacy in resolving issues, to avoid violence and anarchy.

“Father of Independence Tunku Abdul Rahman left us a legacy of diplomacy and smart partnership through which Malaysia was formed as a nation.

“Hence it is appropriate that chauvinists be not allowed to seize any opportunity to undermine the country, lest we will regret for the rest of our lives,” he said at a gathering with Ops Pasir Utara army personnel based at Kerakit Pulau Banggi, near here yesterday.

Meanwhile, he said the Malaysian navy and maritime enforcement agency would receive additional patrol ships and personnel to reinforce security around the areas off Kudat waters during the festive season.

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